Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get Ready for General Conference

first-presidency So… General Conference is this weekend! My husband and I love General Conference weekends! So does my four year old! He actually looks forward to General Conference…. the secret? He gets to play bingo with skittles or m&ms, and we usually get a bunch of treats. He learned the word “Commandments” last time… you know, he got to put a treat  on that space every time he heard the word, so he would get super excited every time someone said it.. even if  there was already a treat on that space! It was pretty funny. We also had him find the person speaking in the Ensign from last Conference Address (you know, in the center of the magazine where all the pictures are), and he liked that – but that’s his personality, we’ll see how the almost 3 year old handles this weekend… it could be an adventure!

We all lounge around in the living room together (pillows and blanket spread everywhere)… Kids have things to color and activities to keep them occupied, the teenagers have their packets with crossword puzzles, random trivia and places to take notes… I’ve got my journal and Cam snacks on his Red Vines and Junior Mints, and helps keep the peace and all the boys in line so I can enjoy it. =)

I am especially looking forward to listening to Sis. Beck speak! I was privileged to listen to let her speak a few weeks ago at our local tabernacle and it was incredible! She is incredible.

There are tons of printables for General Conference around the Blogosphere, but I thought I would share my favorites that I’ve found, in hopes that it makes your weekend a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable!

Sugardoodle has some great packets for all ages! You can print the whole thing, or just the pages you think your kids would like. I especially love the Youth Packets they have. We used them in October, and they kept the teenagers (my brother-in-laws ages 15 & 17) busy enough.

The best “Bingo” printable I’ve found are the “Conference Squares” on the Official LDS site. There are other activities for children there, too!

Somewhat Simple has a cute, printable, “My General Conference Journal” for kids that can read, or at least write.

Visiting has a great printable for adults to take notes on. You can print as many as you need. I especially like the different places to organize the thoughts you may have during the talk. 

What else do you do in preparation for General Conference?



Carli said...

Since my children NEVER sit, we always call Kennedy in when the prophet speaks. She always gets really silent and watches. Last year, she actually cried when he waved goodbye. Thanks for the ideas. I will try some this year to see if they work for her.

Cami said...

We love the printables but the pages all get colored in about 2 minutes and then we just let the girls play in the toy room while we try to get through a session in the living room. We update our 72-hour kits during General Conference to make sure the clothes are the right sizes and the food is good.

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