Friday, March 11, 2011

Music Moment, Thoughts on Music

Heavenly Father knows the influence of music on our minds and hearts. The instruments, the beat, the words, can make people mad, sad, contemplative, happy or excited. Sometimes I have a hard time cleaning my house. When I put on that upbeat music it gives me that extra energy to jump up and get moving. When I am feeling depressed I can put good music on and it lifts my spirit. It effects our emotions, our energy, our mind, our spirit. Music is so powerful!

Have you ever had that feeling of your heart swelling when you listen to someone sing their testimony? Anyone who sings a beautiful song with all their heart can affect me that way. I am working with some women to sing the "Woman at the Well" program. When I sing the songs at home and I am really feeling the message of the words and the emotion of the song I can't help but cry.

The moments in my life that I have felt the spirit the most involved music. I have never been the best singer in the choir, I haven't had the training other singers have, but when I sing with my heart and testimony I feel like angels sing with me and help touch the hearts of those listening. It is a blessing to me to share my testimony that way. When I listen to others sing with their hearts I always get tingles up and down my spine and tears in my eyes. Music touches my soul, really my whole being. It really is a prayer to God.

Laura South

Laura is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children ages 5, 4, and 2. She grew up in California and American Fork, Utah. Things that bring her joy: the beach, singing, swing- dancing, and reading. She is going back to school to hopefully get her Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology.

To listen to the song, "Women at the Well", click on the video below.

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The Knighton Fam said...

Love this! I've been listening to "Women at the Well" since I was a little kid. Music is so powerful, and really can draw us closer to the Lord. Thanks so much for sharing this! :D

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