Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talk to me Tuesday, Heather Mildenstein

Welcome to our new feature, Talk To Me Tuesday! Each Tuesday, we will have an interview with a new person of interest. We hope that you will enjoy our first interview this week with blogger, mother and photographer, Heather Mildenstein.

Pearls: How do you balance the different areas of your life? (ex. mother,
wife, blogger, photographer, church callings etc.)

Heather: I always put my family FIRST. If you do that and make it your #1 priority, things fall into place. Daily schedules and routines are very important, too. Even though my life is pretty chaotic, it's scaled down if I have a schedule, especially with kids. I only schedule photo shoots when my husband is home from work to watch Cole (my two yr. old). I'm a massage therapist on the side and strictly work Saturday mornings. Blogging is a a big part of my life, but not too big that I blog when I'm supposed to be being a mom. I write my posts at night after Cole is sleeping and set them to post in the morning. If I'm not feeling up to blogging that day, I just don't. My blog will still be there the next day, whether or not I blog every day. It's very important to do what you can do, and don't go overboard or outdo yourself.

Pearls: What is your least favorite job or chore? How do you try to make it
fun or manageable?

Heather: Bathrooms, FOR SURE! Just ask my husband. Matt is pretty good about cleaning, and we clean together often. I do a lot when he's not home, but he's a tiny bit of a cleaner person than me (so embarrassing, right?), so when we're together we split up rooms and just get the job done! I'll be honest, I'd rather be a fun mom and make good memories with my children than have a perfectly clean house. If you can do both, great! My son really likes "helping", so cleaning can be an activity for him, too!

Pearls: What is your favorite article of clothing and why?

Heather: In public, my jeans because I can dress them up or down (although I'm expecting in March and they're getting a BIT tight!). At home, my old high school shirts and sweats for lounging in. So comfy!

Pearls: How do you strive to keep the spirit with you throughout your busy day?

Heather: Matt and I make it a point to say family morning prayers with our son every day. That definitely helps.

(Heather has a cute Etsy shop where she sells posters like the one above at Kantan designs.)

Pearls: What is your favorite hobby?

Heather: I have so many! It really changes quite often! I really like thinking up business ideas (is that a hobby?) and helping friends get small businesses started. One hobby that I WANT to start is knitting. I love learning new things and want to be able to sit down and knit something neat!

Pearls: Have you had any tough moments lately that you would like to share?
How did you cope through them?

Heather: Tough moments happen ALL the time. I think everyone can relate. Some are bigger than others, but you just have to push though them. Make sure you're just doing what you're supposed to be doing, i.e. going to church, making time for your family, paying your tithing (SO IMPORTANT), etc, and things will pass. You just have to have faith.

Pearls: Is there something about you that you want people to know? (ex.
habits, favorite meals, something about your
children/animals....anything really.)

Heather: I love dirty mexican food, cooking, reading recipe books, and being a mom! Life is so good!

To read more about Heather, visit her at The Coterie Blog.
Please feel free to let us know who you would like to hear from on future Talk To Me Tuesdays and we will try to accommodate.


Heather said...

OOPS! I made a typo! I'm expecting in AUGUST, not March! haha! Wouldn't that be a surprise!

Shelly said...

Haha, Heather. That WOULD be a surprise! Great interview -- wonderful answers. This is a neat blog! I'll be coming back.

{Erica} said...

Heather and her husband Matt are amazing people. They are genuine and have skills in the creative department.

Really enjoyed this post!

Paige said...

Heather you are to die for!

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