Friday, April 1, 2011


When I was a child, we were driving to meet my dad at a campsite with chili for the scouts. We got lost and it started snowing. We had all the girls in our cold van. It was a cargo van with little heat. It snowed more and more until we got stuck and could not push ourselves out. It was just too slick. My mom told us that we needed to pray. We were on a deserted side-road in the middle of nowhere and we didn’t know where we could go to find any civilization. After we prayed, we waited. After about 10 minutes, a truck pulled up and a man told us that he felt he needed to drive that way. He pulled us out of the snow and directed us back to the main road. It was amazing to witness my mother's faith that night.

Michelle Anderson

Michelle is the mother of 6 amazing children. She was raised a member of The Church. She has a wonderful husband. She believes in prayer and in miracles.

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