Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

I wasn’t going to post today. Generally, I like to take the weekends “off” and not think about blogging or Facebook, or anything internet-related for that matter. Obviously, that doesn’t always happen.

This morning, I felt like I should share a few of my thoughts with you. I am so excited about the success of this site so far and it hasn’t even been quite 2 weeks! Can you believe it? I am also excited about some of the upcoming Talk To Me Tuesday interviews we have coming up, and about the many inspiring stories you all have sent in to share!

Just being a part of this site, receiving and responding to emails, has influenced me for good. You women are amazing! I am sure every single one of you have been through trials and hard times that have caused you to grow in ways you wouldn’t have predicted. Sharing your stories really do uplift, edify and strengthen other women! Miracles happen everyday, everywhere!

With the aftermath of the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, family living in Hawaii (thankfully, safely on high ground), and living in Utah only blocks away from a fault line, emergency preparedness has been pressing on my mind. We have been counseled over and over to prepare – temporally and spiritually – for difficult times. I would like to spend some time in the near future focusing on what we are doing to prepare. So, I am asking you to submit your tips and tricks for building your food storage and for emergency preparedness, as well as any experiences you may have had when you used what you had stored, or wished you had better prepared. You can send in your submissions by emailing us or filling out this form.

Also, if you are on Facebook, and haven’t “liked” our page yet, please do! We will continue to use our Facebook page to interact with you on a more “real time” basis. (The link is on the left hand side).

Please continue to spread the word about Pearls! You have been amazing and the response is humbling. Feel free to share the links to your favorite stories and give other women the chance to be uplifted! We all need each other and this is just one tool to finding encouragement and hope!

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