The idea for this blog was born back in August of 2008. The original idea was to create a magazine for LDS Women, and the response was positively overwhelming! I was impressed at how many women all over the country were willing to donate time and resources to make this idea a success! It became apparent that there was truly a need for this.

Unfortunately, it never took off because personal circumstances wouldn't allow it to. The idea has always been there and is again pressing on my mind. I feel the urgency to help "build His Kingdom", so to speak, and after hours and hours of research, studying and networking, I feel confident that a blog is where it can realistically bloom! However, I know I can't do it alone.

The purpose of Pearls for Latter-Day Saint Women is to uplift, edify and strengthen women to live our lives in harmony with what Heavenly Father expects of us. Life is not intended to be easy, and every circumstance is different, but women have always been an incredible source of support and encouragement. As a group of women with the same eternal goals, I really believe Pearls for Latter-Day Saint Women is something that will benefit women temporally and spiritually.

We are constantly looking for quality content to share with our readers and prefer to get it from everyday women who are striving daily to build and maintain their relationship with Heavenly Father! That's where you come in! We need your participation by sharing your stories and suggestions!

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