Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lord’s Help with Debt

money-unkowncreditHave you ever experienced that gut wrenching feeling of being in debt? Being so in over your head that you don’t know what direction to go? Feeling absolutely lost in a sea of endless bills that you don’t have the money to pay?

That’s where we found ourselves after only 4 short years of marriage. How did we get there? At the time all the loans were taken out it seemed completely logical. After all, how would we get around if we didn’t have a car? How could we possibly get by with only one car? How can you save money for unexpected expenses when you don’t have enough to stretch for the necessities? What do you do when those unexpected expenses arise? How does anyone go through this life debt-free? It isn’t possible…at least that’s what we kept telling ourselves until my mother-in-law introduced us to Dave Ramsay. If you haven’t heard of him and his philosophies go google him.

I have to admit that I personally did not read the book, my husband did. Everything he kept telling me made so much sense. It wasn’t like this guy was preaching anything we haven’t ever heard before. Mr. Ramsay even says that! “I’m not telling you anything your own grandmother wouldn’t tell you!”

The thing I found the most comforting is that everything he talks about goes hand-in-hand with the gospel and all the things we are taught about staying out of debt. It really is simple.

We had to stop and take a good look at our lives. Really look. My husband works full-time and also attends a local University full-time. We have 2 children under 2 and I stay home with them. I do have a few piano students, but I don’t consider it a job because I don’t really make that much money. I felt justified in our being in debt. How else could we make it work? I couldn’t possibly work because I’d have to pay practically all my salary to daycare! After all, school is a stressful time for anyone moneywise; you add 2 kids and it just gets crazy from there!

Through the promptings of the Holy Ghost, we knew something had to change. We could do it if we trusted in the Lord. We can do anything noble and good as long as we seek our Heavenly Father’s help. Isn’t that the truth? He will always be there for us, even when the mess we find ourselves in is of our own making. Slowly, we started formulating a plan to get out from under the weight of debt. We have definitely had to sacrifice a lot. Although we are very blessed and had the option of moving in with my husband’s family for a time while we work on this, I know it could have been done even if we did not have that option.

I testify that when we are striving to make good choices and follow the commandments, Heavenly Father will help us! We’ve been on this journey for 5 months now, and have only one bill left. ONE! If you had told me six months ago that I’d be standing here right now I would have laughed, but through hard work, prayer, and the loving guidance of our Father in Heaven we are here, and we are LOVING it. It is possible. You can do it. Make a plan, and ask for Heavenly Father’s help to stay committed and you will succeed.

Brittani EvansBrittani is the mother of the two cutest kids on the planet (ask anyone) and married to her childhood sweetheart. She is semi-obsessed with reading, and has a bunch of hobbies like quilting.

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Laura said...

Thank you for giving me hope! You are awesome!

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