Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creative Thinking

Just like many of you, our family was hit hard by the economy last year. My husband lost his job, and without any formal education, he was finding it difficult to find any employment. With much prayer and thought, we decided that it was best for him to go back to school. I had been a stay at home mom up until this point, but I knew that something needed to be done to help support my family during this time. I thought of getting a job, but I had a nursing baby and a two year old that I felt I could not leave yet. I had to start getting creative about what to do for money. I thought about talents that I had, and I made a list of things I thought could help me make an income for my family. My list looked something like this
1. Sewing
2. Crafts
3. Music
4. Teaching Children
I prayed about what I could do, and decided to try my hand at sewing. I started an online business for my handmade baby items, and tried to see if I could make any money. Although I was making a small income from this, I realized that it was nowhere near enough. I continued to pray, pleading with Heavenly Father to help me to know what to do. I thought about starting an in-home day care, but my house was just too small to accommodate many children. A few weeks later, I received a call from a friend in my ward. She told me that she was starting a day care out of her home and wanted me to be her partner. I knew that this was the answer to my prayer! I was able to be with my children and work to provide for them as well! Our day care is still going strong and it has proved to be a huge blessing in our life. I know that Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayers and helped me to know what to do.

Carli is a wife and a mother of two children ages 1 and 3. She loves to read, write and hang out with friends. She dislikes winter and just wants to be warm at all times! She is so excited to be involved in this blog and hopes that it helps many women.

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Brittany said...

That's great that things worked out so well!

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