Read First

The purpose of Pearls is to uplift, edify and strengthen.

How better to accomplish this than to share your faith/testimony-building experiences? They don’t have to be long, in fact, 300-500 words is ideal (but if they are longer, that’s OK!).

We would also love for you to share your art! We will occasionally have contests you may want to enter as well.

If you have something you would like to share, but you’re not sure how or if it will fit in, please feel free to ask! I’m sure that if it is inline with the purpose, we will find a place for it!

Just a few simple guidelines when submitting anything to Pearls:

*Remember the purpose of Pearls; To Uplift, Edify and Strengthen
*Please keep submissions appropriate. (Uphold the standards Heavenly Father has set for us.)
*Do not "stray" away from gospel doctrine. (Please do not suggest doctrine contrary to what the scriptures and prophets have taught us).

What to include when submitting anything to Pearls:
*Your submission
*Your name
*A few sentences about yourself.
*optional but preferred: A headshot of yourself. (It doesn’t have to be professional, or very big.)

We want to share as many submissions as possible, but we cannot guarantee your submission will be published.If chosen, your submission will be proof-read and edited for spelling and grammatical errors (where applicable).

By submitting anything to Pearls, you are giving us permission to publish your submission on the Pearls website, and any future Pearls publications. You are also certifying that you have the right to share your submission and this it is your original work. Pearls is released from any and all responsibility if you violate any copyrights and you are solely responsible for copyright violations. 

You may email your submission, or fill out this form.
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