Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyday Spirituality

Simply put, some people are just more easily spiritual by nature. The rest of us have to roll up our sleeves and put some elbow grease into it in order to see results. Well worth the effort though, I must say.

Often I forget to have Family Home Evening; partially because I now work at nights, partially because my stepson is only here on the weekends, and - if we’re being honest here - mostly because I am just not in the habit. I can, however, tell myself I am somewhat spiritually redeemed because I do read my scriptures and write in my journal every day. I do this because it causes me to 1.) reflect on my daily life and record wonderful little happenings that would otherwise get lost in the fray, and 2.) make sure I don’t miss any of Moroni’s epic secret ops missions. The other reason I maintain this nightly ritual is because of the record I have going – I have written in my journal every single day since January 1, 2008. I have also read my scriptures every single day since May 2007 (I have missed three days total since June 2005). Part of me feels like the fabric of the Universe may be ripped asunder should I miss a night of reading and writing. I’m only half joking – it really does worry me a little bit.

Making spiritual habits a part of my everyday life has been critical in helping me keep a grasp on what sometimes feels like a Crisco-coated sanity. Amongst the raging battles and family drama in the Book of Mormon are words that are written precisely for me to help me precisely deal with precisely what I am going through. Reading through previous journal entries I see time and time again how God has lead my family easily through what I felt were rigged labyrinths and supernatural practical jokes.

Perhaps the most vital and most intimate of my everyday spirituality habits is keeping a running dialog with God. I basically have an open door policy when it comes to my inner workings. I really believe God has an interest in, and a right to be privy to, all of my thoughts and feelings throughout the course of a single day. I express my frustrations over finances, my sappy love for my husband, my joys in motherhood, my disappointments in my personal struggles, and my gratitude for blessings great and small. I love speaking to Him almost constantly, as He is an excellent listener.

Sometimes, He even speaks back to me. When He does, whether it’s catching me in my sassiness or answering the question of a broken heart, I know that my efforts to be in tune spiritually each day are worth it. It’s also a relief to know the stability of the Universe doesn’t rest squarely on my shoulders.

Adrienne Knighton

Adrienne is the stepmom of 10 year old Austin, the regular mom of 1 year old Porter, and the BFF of Lucas since 2005. She is from Virginia but is currently enjoying life in Provo, Utah. She loves writing, singing, playing video games and making others laugh.

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