Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Talk To Me Tuesday, Kim West

Meet Kim "Kimbo" West of A Girl and a Glue Gun! We were lucky enough to snag an interview with her, and I really think you're going to love it! I've been really excited to share it, and today is the day! Enjoy!

Pearls: Have you always been so funny?

Kim: always.

Pearls: Top 5 things you love about Idaho - Go!



still thinking... unlimited supply of free potatoes? Growing up all I wanted was out. and now I would cry to think of moving anywhere else. I love it. perfect place to raise a kid. nice and boring and watch out..you can't go anywhere in your pjs cause you will run into everyone you know...and a few people who know your mama.

this is not me in the picture..I got this from google..and didn't even realize a person was standing there.
(and right up the street from this giant potato are the best oreo shakes!)

but if I have to say five SPECIFIC THINGS:
1. eastern Idaho state fair

2. the people here are AWESOME

3. ALL my family lives here (oh...i should have put that one first)

4. I was serious about the free potatoes.....

5. you can drive like an hour in every direction and hit a temple.

Pearls: Tell us about a time you had to do something really hard.

Kim: it's called labor...3 times.
okay...do you want to know something that was REALLY hard?
it's called children....3 of them.
in all reality...we had to commute for almost 2 years (economy crap). THAT WAS HARD! I went two weeks without the man. the whole time we just kept thinking why? this stinks. but now looking back...we see what a blessing it was (don't ya hate that!) how much we grew...how much we took for granted...and appreciation for each other. Which brought us to this quote that summarizes that dark period of our lives: (I should mention that its on a rejection letter you can click HERE to read that story)

ah. hit's home.

Pearls: What's one craft that can actually make a woman's life easier?

Kim: TOOT. did you hear that...I'm about to toot my own horn. Menu
=life changing. I love my menu board. I don't know how I functioned without it. serious.

I should also mention ANYTHING that keeps your kids quiet in church....(and I mean ANYTHING!) I've realized the majority of my crafts I make for my kids have this purpose in my mind. like THIS one

THIS one and

THIS one

THIS one


Pearls: Do you have a ward calling? What is it? What is one suggestion you have for anyone else who may ever get that calling?

Kim: 2nd counselor in the primary presidency. (love love love) here's my suggestion: don't sweat the small stuff. at the beginning I would be copying and cutting and laminating all this awesome stuff and come loaded down with stuff for my sharing time. then my primary presidency brings in this little ball...and asked questions and threw it at them to catch. that's it. And the kids had so much fun with that stupid ball. primary kids don't care. (oh, that sounded bad...they care...they just don't notice if it took you 30 min or 3 days to do something) save your handouts for relief society.
(oh...and this is where i should mention
sugardoodle. love me some sugardoodle.)

Pearls: How do you find balance in your life?

Kim: This one is super hard for me. I sometimes get so caught up in hot gluing crap and making things then my son comes in and asks to play candyland.....and I just feel like i'm so busy..I have to blog about this tomorrow..got to finish!!! argh! You just have to remember moderation in all things!!!!! I just keep thinking that my kids are growing so fast and I don't want to miss a thing. the glue gun can be unplugged.... (sidenote: next answer down fits here too.)

Pearls: How do you maintain a relationship with Heavenly Father?

Kim: I was reading the friend magazine awhile back...and they had a little thing about keeping the holy ghost with you..and one of the things mentioned was having a routine.

and I thought..what a weird thing to have in a kid's magazine (and I
guess an adult magazine...I mean I was reading it too)
but the more I thought about it...the more it made sense to me. keep a
schedule. wake up. read your scriptures..eat your marshmallow maties (I'm sure you all have fantastically wonderful breakfasts) get your kids off to school. check your email..go to the gym (you know..to work off the marshmallow goodness) come home...naptime for the babe....its a routine. I do it every morning.

Let me tell you the day I have the HARDEST time ..it's Saturday.
SATURDAY! that used to be my favoritest day. but now...I sleep in an extra hour (or three)..I wake..I have all the kids home. just throws me off my game. I go the whole day without a schedule planned out....and when I'm ready to hit the hay (or sleep) I realize I have forgotten to read my scriptures....

Pearls: What's your favorite accessory?

Kim: does a wet wipe count? serious..I don' t know why I didn't have these in college. it cleans everything..in a pinch it can be a kleenex..washcloth...toilet paper...use it to dust...pooper scooper...they are awesome. I give some to my kids and they will go through and clean the whole house.

Pearls: Where is your dream vacation?

Kim: is this where I'm supposed to say anywhere with my kids...cause I'm not gonna. I want to go to Hawaii. lay on the beach...read a good book...and do nothing. I don't want to have to find someplace that cooks chicken nuggets (cause that's all the baby eats)...or constantly supervise to make sure no kids are drowning...or bring 3 shovels, 3 pails, 3 umbrellas to the beach so no one fights.

no kids.

awww. peace.

(disclaimer: I love my kids...even more than bloggin and chocolate (so
very much) but you did say DREAM vacation!)

yes...these are quite possibly the best pictures I could get. nose picking and all.....

Pearls: What is the most important thing you hope to teach your children?
Kim: where do I even begin?

Let's keep it simple.

primary songs....

I am a child of God

Follow the prophet

Families are Forever

Love one Another

I'm trying to be like Jesus

and my personal favorite A Child's prayer

Pearls: What's one suggestion you have for a healthy marriage?

Kim: putting up with your husbands crap... oh. I mean date night. even if you are in your basement with microwave popcorn and a movie...spend time together with your man.

If you loved this, get to know Kim even better and go get your craft on (if that's your thing) at A Girl and a Glue Gun!


Carli said...

This interview so so funny! Loved it!

kanaboke said...

I am absolutely loving these Interview Posts! This one was HILARIOUS! And now I've got another blog to stalk..I'm gonna be even busier now! HaHaHaHaHaha!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...


love your hairy legs....oh wait that is mine.


Heather Hawkins said...

Ok I am one of those crafters as well and have been following Kimbo for awhile and I have made tons and tons of crafts from tons of blogs, but I have to agree with her and say that the MENU BOARD is the greatest! Totally changed our lives! No seriously!! It is just an awesome idea! :)

Courtney @ Scraps and Scribbles said...

Love Kim and her awesome blog! Thanks so much for sharing!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

gosh i love that girl! she is such a crack up! i read her everyday and will continue to do so forever!


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