Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You are a Soul.

I love this quote. love. love. love it! I know it's been dormant around here, but I think of you often. I am trying to decide where to go with Pearls as we're not receiving enough personal stories to share even weekly. We have had some great q & a's over on Facebook, though! If you have a suggestion for Pearls please feel free to share it! Thank you!

Go ahead and ponder on the following thought... and have a wonderful day.


JennyLynn said...

I love this thought as well. It happens to go with how I have been thinking about how aweful I have treated my self over the last few years. I have put myself last. Recently I have been making some changes, because I have realized that I am a woman of worth.

Great Blog, Glad I found you.
Hope you don't mind that I copied the image to put on my blog to look at as a reminder that "I am a Soul". If it is a problem I won't use it. won't put it up until I hear an "OK" from you. It really touched me this morning. Will be adding your button once I get home from work today.

Carli said...

oh man! I would love to help with stories ro musci or anything again!

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