Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesday, Marie Ricks

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Meet Marie Ricks, founder of House of Order. She’s an author and professional organizer. Marie is all sorts of amazing, and a fountain of knowledge. If you have a goal to simplify – she’s your lady! If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak – take it! We are honored that she was willing to share some of her thoughts and advice with our readers! Talk about “Pearls”… this woman’s got ‘em!  Enjoy!

Pearls: What does it mean to be a “Professional Organizer”?

Marie: A professional organizer helps people find order in their homes and their workplaces. Often, it is a simple change in routine. Other times it is reordering their work spaces to accommodate their personal style. Lastly, it usually means a change in their routines.
It is an occupation that I love and that is stimulating because everyone’s needs, styles, and challenges are so different.

Pearls: You obviously enjoy it and are amazing at it, but what got you into it?

Marie: I began organizing in 1986 when I began teaching organization classes at mcr02local community center. Since then I teach, write, and do personal organization coaching. I’ve seen a lot of rubble, trash, and treasures. I’ve helped people decide what can go, what must go, and what can and should be saved.

Pearls: Of all the areas to be organized… self, family, home… which do you think it most important, and why?

Marie: Organizing yourself is always the first step, whether or not it is most important. Unless you conquered your personal organization, you can’t get the cooperation of anyone else.
The first place to start is making your bed every morning. Not because making a bed, in and of itself, is important, but all change requires a shift in habit.
I start with my clients with bed making and then we work outward from the master bedroom to the home office and then the kitchen and then to the public areas of the house and then to the hidden corners.

Pearls: Will you give us a couple of tips on cleaning our kitchens?

hofoMarie: Yes: finish. And finish fixing the meal before you begin serving it. This means getting the cabinets cleared and wiped down, the preparation dishes in the  sink soaking or in the dishwasher. It means finishing enough that you eat with your family, not begin your meal when they are eating dessert. Remember, you are not the maid.
Then, after the meal, don’t leave the kitchen until you have finished cleaning up from the current meal (hopefully with the help of one other person). There is no worse work than work done alone.

 Pearls: How can being organized increase our spirituality?

Marie: Because being organized makes you nice to be around.

Pearls: Besides organizing, what else do you enjoy doing?

Marie: I like to tackle hard things. I just finished learning about psychology statistics and found that doing so has increased my world into new dimensions I didn’t know existed.

Pearls: How do you maintain your relationship with Heavenly Father?

Marie: I have a daily morning routine of prayer, scripture study, journaling and exercising (without headphones so I can listen for answers). It has been the mainstay of my life to do what He needs first and do what else needs doing next.

Pearls: What do you think is most important to teach our children so that they can be spiritually strong in this chaotic world?

Marie: The routines of personal prayer, personal scripture study, personal cyw journaling (all of these with a lot of support and supervision when they are young). Then lay the foundation with family prayer and family home evening. Finally, set the example with temple attendance. What you do and what you are is what they will do and what they will become.
With these routines, they will be safe and strong.

Pearls: Do you currently have a ward calling? What is it? What is one suggestion you have for anyone who may ever receive that calling?

Marie: I am a visiting teaching supervisor in my ward and a visiting teacher. I currently serve with my husband at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah where he serves as a branch presidency member in a Thai/English branch, which means we don’t attend our home ward but are at the MTC on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
If at all possible, accept each and every calling you receive. They are from God and will help you grow up and out in ways you could never dream.

Pearls: What’s your favorite scripture, and why?

Marie: “Oh, be wise. What can I say more?” Jacob 6:12 This scripture says all I want to be and still am not. It is encouraging and yet direct. It gives me hope!

For more tips, and information on organizing your life, follow Marie on Facebook and visit the House of Order website!


NaDell said...

I won that "The Children You Want with the Kids You Have" book on a blog giveaway. It's a great book and was very applicable and easy to implement. Even if you only change a few little things from what you are doing, it helps so much. Thanks for writing a fantastic book to help me organize my home and children (and me.)

Kathy said...

I think I will ask my children to give me a copy of House of Order for mother's day, hint, hint

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