Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small and Simple Things Thursday - Link Up!

Take a moment to find and capture a little something that made your heart smile! We all need to be reminded that life is good, and I'm sure we can all do a little better to find the positive in our lives. Were you able to find a moment of gratitude during a crazy day? Share a thought you had this week, or a visual moment you were able to capture in a photo!
Create a Small and Simple Things post on your own blog, and share it via the Linky Tool or share your thoughts in the comments! We may feature your photo or thought here on Pearls!

Sometimes it's in those moments of doing small and simply things that you realize they are the big things....
Its mornings like this one, of simply playing cars with my son.
I'm grateful to be a mother.

There's something about driving around town with your windows rolled down! It may be silly, but that truly brings me JOY! It signals the start of SPRING! -Brittani

I am so excited and grateful that it is finally warm enough to do this! -Alicia

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